Purple badge holders

Stuart Fraser was nominated for many years of assisting the club both before and since graduating, and his work in maintaining our sister club, the Cambridge University Alumni.

Liam Pattinson was nominated for his many reliable years of service to the club, enthusiasm for the sport, teaching and mentoring beginning archers, and representing the university many times at competitions with great success, including a half-blue and BUCS medals.

Robert Spencer was nominated for his efforts in developing the club as captain, and for successfully leading the club through a particularly difficult period in its history, with effort and dedication beyond any expectations.

Andrew Browne joined CUB in 2016 after previously shooting for Exeter University, and he quickly made a name for himself as an outgoing and enthusiastic archer. As one of only two barebow archers in the club at the time, he was eager to share his knowledge and passion for alternative bow styles, and his efforts contributed to a rapid diversification within the club.

Joining the committee as a Novice Officer in 2017, Andrew showed great dedication to teaching beginners and novices, and he additionally made significant efforts to improve the social aspects of the club and welcome any new members. Andrew was also well known for his bakery, and competing for the club became a much more attractive endeavour when it was known there would be a near limitless supply of flapjacks and brownies on offer.

Andrew served as Novice Officer for three of his four years on the committee, and served as Captain for the 2018/2019 season. He was very active as a competitive archer, earning many BUTTS medals for the club as a barebow archer and some as a longbow archer. He earned the 2018 CUB award for contributions to the club, and through his efforts helped hundreds of new archers to take up the sport.

Jack joined CUB, having previously shot recurve as a junior, in 2012 after spending his first year in Cambridge rowing (erroneously). He formed part of a regular team with Tak Ho, Maryia Karpiyevich, and Richard Whiter until they graduated. Jack remained at Cambridge and continued to study a PhD, whilst undertaking various developments to the club and expanding it quite a lot - from around 10 regular members to today’s numbers. This included introducing several new initiatives, including the development scheme, seminars, and external coaching. Over these years, Jack held a plethora of club committee positions, including Captain, Treasurer, Tournaments, Webmaster, Records, and Equipment. The Town v Gown cup match was also restarted under his captainship after a decade long lapse in 2017.

Outside of CUB, he was heavily involved with the organisation and running of the regional BUTTS league and was awarded the BUTTS League Purple badge for contributions to student archery in 2018, having previously organised the BUTTS Field Competition over various years.

Having changed styles to compound in the final year of his PhD, it worked out quite well for him, resulting in Jack achieving Master Bowman classification in 2019 and taking the outdoor county champion title. He continued to represent Cambridgeshire several times including at national county team tournament, setting lots of club records and a few county records in the process. During this time, Jack also received a Full Blue!

His other achievements over the years include learning to write a website from scratch just to update cubowmen.com, successfully shooting a very hot summer cuppers in a fox onesie, acquiring a club flag, achieving the difficult task of getting CUB out clubbing, starting a small collection of college crockery under the poor influence of Heather, and making excellent and long-standing friends.

Lindsay received his long overdue badge in 2019 after many years shooting for the club whilst studying for an MA and PhD. During this time he was successful in achieving a Full Blue, being a member of the Varsity team, and features on the Joshua Taylor Cup for the Town vs. Gown that is still awarded today.

After working in the US for a period after graduation he returned to the department of materials science in Cambridge and is now the Head of the School of Physical Sciences and a Fellow at Sidneyh Sussex College. Upon his return he took on the role of senior treasurer - auditing the club's accounts and providing support as an academic member of the university - a position he has held for many years to this day. It is always a pleasure to see him when he attends the annual dinner or Varsity Match at which he was Lord Paramount in 2018. He has numerous stories and records from the club's history that are both interesting and entertaining and features himself in many of the CUB photo collections.

Nancy arrived at Clare College in 2013 to study medicine for six years. Having shot as a junior she was keen to join the club and keep up her archery. Throughout her time in the club she shot in various BUTTS and BUCS competitions and will be remembered for her cheerful and encouraging presence on the team, always remembering to have fun. These qualities served her well for the two years in which she was novice officer, followed by a year as junior treasurer and is currently our alumni relations officer (2019-2020).

A student member of CUB from 2008 to 2015, Tak joined the club as a novice in his second year as a physics undergraduate. Building his skills and experience, he then continued to study for a PhD. During this time, he held the posts of captain, novice officer (twice), records officer (twice), and webmaster. His achievements on the line are various, with a highlight being a 4th place finish at the BUCS Outdoors head-to-head in 2014, during which year he also represented Cambridgeshire, and won the much-coveted Cuppers shield for Fitzwilliam College. He holds a half-blue having been a member of the Varsity team in 2010, 2014, and 2015, and was part of the CUB bronze medalling team at BUCS Indoors in 2011. On top of this are various appearances in BUTTS, BUCS, and at BUTC. A very active and reliable member of CUB both on and off the line, Tak received the award for most contribution to club life in 2012. Since graduating he has remained a familiar face in Cambridge, shooting with the club as an alumnus.

A student member of CUB from 2011 to 2015, Maryia started as a novice but skyrocketed to the top levels of university archery. She was an extremely active archer throughout her time in the club relishing the thrill of competition. Amongst her many achievements are achieving Master Bowman classification and winning gold in ladies' recurve at BUCS Outdoors in 2015. These saw her being awarded a Full Blue - the highest accolade in sport at Cambridge University - and are accompanied by various podium finishes in both BUTTS and BUCS, and various other external competitions.

She has held the titles of indoor and outdoor county champion in ladies' recurve and represented Cambridgeshire in matches against other counties. In particular, she will be remembered for attending all possible competitions and being a key member of the CUB team during, as well as for holding the positions of tournaments officer and secretary, and tournaments officer again as an alumna.

A student member of CUB from 2011 to 2015, Richard was an active competitor for CUB throughout his time in the club and will be remembered for his love of BUTC. Arriving from Southampton to study a PhD in nanophotonics, he threw himself straight into the club from day one helping with beginners and novices. This led to him eventually holding committee posts of secretary, equipment officer and novice officer in subsequent years.

Richard was always keen to help the club improve in all aspects from shooting, fitness, and equipment (including the infamous morning sessions at the range) and as a result received the award for most contribution to club life in 2014. He also always took an active role in coaching novices, even when not the novice officer, and was Incredibly supportive and encouraging to new members of the club, helping them achieve their potential.

During his time with CUB Richard was an active competitor, regularly part of the team at BUTTS, BUCS and BUTC. He was on the Varsity team in both 2013 and 2014 for which he was awarded a half-blue.

A member of CUB from 2008 to 2014, Heather arrived at university already a keen archer with a national junior longbow record that still stands to this day and a UK national title. Whilst a member of CUB she shot both recurve and longbow as a key member of the team throughout her medical studies winning a silver medal in ladies' longbow at BUCS indoors in 2010 for which she was awarded a Full Blue. This was followed up in 2011 with a recurve team bronze. Other achievements during her time include captaining the 2010 winning Varsity team and a 5th place finish at the 2010 National Indoors in lady recurve. In addition to her shooting she held the posts of captain, treasurer, secretary, novice officer, and records and publicity officer, and was excellent at inspiring new archers and encouraging them in to the club to become active members. Following graduation she was alumni officer 2014-16 organising events for previous members. In recognition of her efforts Heather received the award for most contribution to club life in 2012. Amongst her other achievements whilst at CUB she includes fitting 30 people into a small kitchen after annual dinner, developing a large collection of college plates, attending the OUCofA annual dinner, and never managing to win Cuppers despite her best efforts.

Arriving in Cambridge in 1994 already an archer, Andrew enjoyed a lengthy career with CUB.

Though some might find it hard to believe these days he is in fact older than the BUTTS league which began in his second year! By the time he finished his undergraduate degree he had achieved team and individual 3rd places at BUSA (now BUCS) and a half-blue, but sadly no Varsity victory. Alas he was faced with little choice but to embark upon a five year PhD in chemistry - in his words "rather than [for] my love of chemistry, I started a PhD with unfinished archery business".

Fortunately, this panned out with the following year being the start of CUB's 14-year Varsity win streak, a gent's recurve Albion club record that stands to this day, and two team victories at BUCS Indoors! In addition to this he achieved Master Bowman status and was selected to go to the 2000 World University Archery Championships in Madrid. By the time he finished his PhD Andrew held numerous club and county records, many of which still stand today.

In addition to strong performances on the archery field Andy also devoted much time to building the leadership and management structure of CUB to ensure its longevity. Beyond the club he led the hosting of BUSA (BUCS) outdoors in the first year that it was held at Lilleshall where it remains to this day. Remaining in Cambridge, Andy continued to provide support to the club through coaching and also had a brief stint on the BUCS management group.

Besides this tour-de-force there are also stories involving 'punch bowls, limes, and saucepans, but that sounds strangely unimportant!'