The club is open to students and staff of the University of Cambridge, and we run a beginners' course throughout each Michaelmas term to train those new to archery how to shoot safely and effectively. Once the course is complete, newly-trained archers are then welcome to shoot with us as a normal member of the club and can borrow club equipment if necessary.

Please Note:

We regret that we cannot accept beginners at any time other than the start of Michaelmas term. This is because running a beginners' course is a significant time investment for committee members, especially in the context of a Cambridge term, and Lent is busy with competitions and Easter with exams.

Beginners' Courses


The beginners' course will take place over the four Sunday mornings of Michaelmas term, starting on 22nd of October, and contains all the coaching necessary to allow you to shoot safely and independently, as well as introducing you to the wider sport of archery. All of the required equipment will be provided by the club. If the course is over-subscribed, selection will be on a random basis.

The 2023 beginners' course costs £20 to attend, on top of the club's annual membership fees, which are as follows:

  • Cambridge University students - £80
  • Other students and staff - £100

Some beginners will be able to hire equipment for the duration the course, and will be given the option to purchase it on completion. Those who opt to make use of this scheme will not have to share their equipment with anybody else, and will be able to adjust it to their liking. For more information, please click here.

Those who successfully complete the beginners' course, and as a result are then able to shoot independently to a safe standard, will be provided with a certificate. They will then become a full member of the club for the rest of the year, and are welcome to shoot at any of the regular club sessions for no extra fee. Your development as a beginner will not stop here, as there are many further opportunities for coaching and mentoring throughout the year.

Novice Squad


Beginners that are keen on competing for the university as part of our novice team may be accepted on to the novice squad. This involves a fast-track through the beginners course, additional coaching each week, and the opportunity to hire a bow from the club. Members of the novice squad are expected to attend coaching and practice sessions, as well as a number of competitions throughout the year.

If you are interested in this, please speak to the novice officer at one of the have-a-go sessions or drop us an email. Selection will be made by consideration of your willingness to learn, your ability to attend competitions, and your enthusiasm. We do not expect you to be a pro right away!

You can find out more here. If you have any more questions, please get in touch with the novice officer.