Miscellaneous Photos:

The Varsity Match Challenge of 2002:

Varsity Challenge of 2002

The Cambridge Student (Vol. 3, No. 6) 8th November 2001

Focus on... Archery

The Club Trophies, May 2001:

The Club Trophies, includes Rose Bowl and BUSA Indoors

The Club Photo of 2000-2001:

CUB 2000-2001 CUB 2000-2001
Contact Indigo Photographic if you want prints of these.

The Club Photo of 1995-1996:

CUB 1995-1996

The CUB Varsity Team of 1993:

CUB 1993 Varsity Team

The Varsity Match Challenge of 1991:

Varsity Challenge of 1991 Varsity Challenge of 1991

The Varsity Match Challenge of 1971:

Varsity Challenge of 1971

The Varsity Match Challenge of 1970:

Varsity Challenge of 1970
Thanks to Dave Spence (Oxford) for locating these.

The Cambridge Constitution of 1828:

Pages 8 and 1 Pages 2 and 7 Pages 6 and 3 Pages 4 and 5
So it looks like the club is quite a bit older than we were led to believe.