Cambridge University Bowmen AGM – 19th May 2003


Meeting opens 7.05pm.


Those present: Chris Cowburn, Pamela Custance-Baker, Dominik Schindler, Ian Caulfield, Diana Wood, Victor Yung, Sarah Morgan, Omar Al-Mushadani, James Keogh, Clare Hooley, Andy Eyre, Tim Northover, Gareth Powell, Sarah Naylor, Ursula Goniszewska, Helen Meadows, Nadezda Novakovic, James Pawley (proxy for Jon Richardson), Andy Somers (non-voting).


1)      Items for A.O.B. – KK arrangements for next year – it was later decided to postpone this for a committee meeting.


2)      Approval of minutes from previous AGM. Minutes approved 18 for, 0 against.


3)      Officers’ Reports:


Captain (Chris Cowburn):

Thanked committee for their hard work this year in his absence.

                  Congratulated the club on a very successful Varsity Match.

BUSA Indoor Championships and BUTTS had not been so successful as last year, but we are looking towards a good result in BUSA Outdoor Championships.

Secretary (Pamela Custance-Baker):

GNAS subscriptions cleared out this year so that only paid members are registered with GNAS.

            Tournament entries this year were good with complete teams going to all BUTTS tournaments and also good CUB representation at the non-university tournaments, Green Dragon, County Champs and Netherhall FITA.

            London Invitational and Cambridge BUTTS tournaments organised by CUB were both a great success.

Junior Treasurer (Sarah Morgan):

            Last year lack of funds caused the membership fees to be raised.

This increase and the huge increase (more than doubling) in membership has meant that the club has had much needed money to spend this year.

Most of this money has been spent (see equipment report) and the rest is earmarked for continued extension (particularly coaching and extra practice sessions).

Approval of last year’s accounts (2001/2002). Accounts approved 18 for, 0 against.

            Equipment Officer (Victor Yung):

                        See attached sheet.

Thanks were offered to Victor and Andy S for all their hard work with maintaining the club equipment and the sorting out of new equipment.

            Novice Officer (Dominik Schindler):

The unexpected increase in the number of novices meant that we struggled at the start of the year.

BUTTS results suffered because of this.

The mentor scheme was pretty successful enabling all novices to have a coaching point of contact if they so wished.

Novice successes this year include: coming 9th at the BUSA Indoor Championship (a good result considering the competition); winning the Novice Team competition at Cambridge BUTTS; Clare Hooley winning at Stag Hill; winning the inaugural Novice Varsity Plate.

We have a good chance of doing very well in the novice section of the BUSA Outdoor Championship.

The extra practices we are intending to provide next year should help to reduce the problems of early this year.

The Bow Loan scheme was very successful with all bows on loan this year.

Publicity Officer (Dominik Schindler):

Produced lots of articles for student papers, including the BUSA Outdoor Championship, Grudge Match, the BUSA Indoor Championship and the Varsity Match.

An article is also being written for ‘Archery UK’ about the Varsity Match in order to raise the profile of student archery.

The website has been very successful this year, it is always kept up to date and includes all the information a novice would need to be able to get to their first practice. A new archive section and members area has been created.

A newsletter is in the process of creation.

Thanks were offered to Dom for all his hard work, doing the jobs of two people.

Records Officer (Ian Caulfield):

            Tournament entries have been good this year.

            BUTC was a new university tournament we attended.

Good results: 2nd at Birmingham BUTTS; Novice Grudge Match; Stag Hill; the Novice Team at Cambridge BUTTS; and Varsity Match (winning both senior and novice competitions).

Lots of records have been set this year.

Women’s Officer (Sarah Morgan):

            Presentation of half blue certificate to Diana Wood.

Social Secretary (Diana Wood):

Socials have included: Pub meets; Laser Quest and Chopsticks; Formal Hall at Churchill; Annual Dinner at Emmanuel.

The Garden Party is being arranged.


4)      Election of new committee:



Pamela Custance-Baker - Nominated: Dominik Schindler

     Seconded: Jon Richardson

            Ian Caulfield - Nominated: Chris Cowburn

                                    Seconded: Victor Yung

            Votes:  Pamela 12, Ian 6, RON 0.



            Jonathan Richardson - Nominated: Pamela Custance-Baker

                                                Seconded: Victor Yung

            Ursula Goniszewska - Nominated: Sarah Naylor

                                                Seconded: Gareth Powell

            Votes: Jon 9, Ursula 8, Abstained 1, RON 0.



Dominik Schindler - Nominated: Diana Wood

                                  Seconded: Pamela Custance-Baker

Votes: Dominik 16, Abstained 1, RON 0, Lost 1.         [NB. Lost votes were those not given to the people counting]

Equipment Officer

Ian Caulfield - Nominated: Diana Wood

                                    Seconded: Dominik Schindler

            Votes: Ian 17, RON 1.


Novice Officer

Joint: Nadezda Novakovic and Tim Northover - Nominated: Dominik Schindler

                                                                                 Seconded: Ian Caulfield

Votes: Nadezda and Tim 17, RON 0, Lost 1.


Records Officer

Ursula Goniszewska - Nominated: Sarah Naylor

                                                Seconded: Gareth Powell

            Votes: Ursula 17, RON 1.


Publicity Officer

Joint: Nadezda Novakovic and Tim Northover - Nominated: Dominik Schindler

                                                                                 Seconded: Ian Caulfield

Votes: Nadezda and Tim 16, RON 0, Lost 2.


Women’s Officer

Sarah Morgan - Nominated: Pamela Custance-Baker

                          Seconded: Dominik Schindler

Votes: Sarah 16, RON 2.


Social Secretary

Sarah Naylor - Nominated: Ursula Goniszewska

                        Seconded: Gareth Powell

Votes: Sarah 18, RON 0.


5)      Vote to accept proposed new constitution (attached). In favour 18, against 0.


6)      A.O.B. – Entries for BUSA and Diana tournaments are due in soon.


Meeting closed 8.25pm.