Shooting Stars

Mark Sinclair and Andrew Somers

The 2001 BUSA Indoor Archery championships saw a return to the top for Cambridge after a six-year absence. In recent years Edinburgh University have dominated the event. Pre-tournament form indicated that Cambridge and Edinburgh were the joint favourites, with only a few points separating their best scores this season.

The organisers had arranged for these two giants to compete face to face in the first session. Shooting conditions were far from ideal with the morning sun glaring into the eyes of many competitors. Despite this, the tournament was to live up to expectations as it became apparent that Cambridge and Edinburgh were embroiled in a very tight match, standing in a class of their own from the rest of the field.

Yet, it was to be Cambridge's team of James Pawley, James Keogh, Mark Sinclair and Andrew Somers that held their nerve amidst an atmosphere of great pressure to produce a team score of 2244, the highest team score of the session and, subsequently, the day.

Edinburgh's 2216 would only be good enough for second place, Heriott-Watt taking third with 2138. Edinburgh's only consolation was a first place in the Individual Men's Recurve for Atle Wold. Although Edinburgh may have had the star individual, it was Cambridge that were to show the consistency and camaraderie that are vital for any great team performance.

This result not only signifies a great victory for the University but will also hopefully raise the profile of a relatively minor sport in Cambridge. Archery is one of the few truly novice friendly sports in Cambridge: check out the club website at

(Varsity, 02/03/2002)