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What is the Novice Squad?

The novice squad is for beginners who want to progress in archery beyond just learning to shoot and joining the club recreationally. We offer additional coaching beyond that provided by the beginners' course geared at shooting competitively.

Coaching of the novice squad takes place on Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm near the boat houses, and you can practise at the Friday evening club session at the sports centre. There is also the option to shoot on Wednesday evenings as well once you can shoot safely and independently.

It is expected that you will attend every Tuesday session for coaching, and Friday evening for practise. You are also expected to be available to shoot for the club at competitions as a novice (dates below). In addition to the beginners' course fee you will need to pay the range fee of £25 in order to use our second indoor venue, and you can hire a bow from the club for £10 per term.
Those that do not keep up with attendance at training sessions or competitions will be removed from the squad back to the beginners' course, and a member from the waiting list will be promoted.

If you are interested please contact the Novice Officer who will making the selection and running the course here. There will be a chance to ask any questions, find out more, and register your interest after the have-a-go sessions.


Competition Dates

As mentioned above, the main focus of the novice squad is shooting for the novice team in competitions. These are held at weekends during term time. It is expected that you will attend the majority, if not all, of these. The competitions for the 2016-17 year are as follows:

  • Michaelmas
    • 12/11/16 - BUTTS Leg 1 (Oxford)
    • 26/11/16 - BUTTS Leg 2 (Trent)
  • Lent
    • 22/01/17 - BUTTS Leg 3 (Cambridge)
    • 28/01/17 - BUTTS Team Champs
    • 18/02/17 - BUTTS Leg 4 (Birmingham)
    • TBC - BUTTS Champs (Warwick)
    • TBC - BUCS Indoors 1
    • TBC - BUCS Indoors 2
  • Easter
    • May 2017 - Varsity Match (Oxford)
    • TBC - BUTTS Outdoors
    • June 2017 - BUCS Outdoors (Lilleshall)

Training Exercises

Warming up - It is important to warm up correctly to prevent injury.

More training information once novice squad starts.

Novice Ladder

Coming soon once term begins. The rules for the ladder and the senior ladder can be found here.