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Ancient History

The club has been around since before the 1950s. The records on this page are as far back as can be remembered.

Past Committees

Year Captain Secretary Junior Treasurer Equipment Records Novice Tournaments Social Sec. Women's Web and Publicity Alumni
2015/2016 Rob Littlechild Aiden Ang Sophie Mathias Eleanor Brug, Alex Chen Jack Atkinson Nancy Chen - Isobel Hitchen, Vamsee Bheemireddy Lydia Sinnett-Smith Jack Atkinson Heather Reynolds
2014/2015 Jack Atkinson Richard Whiter Sophie Mathias Eleanor Brug Karen Habermann Rob Littlechild, Isobel Hitchen Jack Atkinson Vamsee Bheemireddy - Karen Habermann Heather Reynolds
2013/2014 Joe Glover Maryia Karpiyevich Eleanor Brug Richard Whiter Tak Ho Heather Reynolds Jack Atkinson Vamsee Bheemireddy Nicole Rainey Tak Ho Lucy Chambers
2012/2013 Tak Ho Nicole Rainey Jack Atkinson Richard Whiter Kingsley Warren Heather Reynolds, Richard Whiter Maryia Karpiyevich Joe Glover, Matt Bigwood - Kingsley Warren -
2011/2012 Kingsley Warren Heather Reynolds Toryn Dalton - Heather Reynolds Tak Ho, Will Letton - - - Heather Reynolds -
2010/2011 Heather Reynolds Tim Craig Kingsley Warren Sam Burnand Tak Ho Otava Piha (resigned), Rohan Shekhar Maciek Hermanowicz Karl Williams - Tak Ho -
2009/2010 Sam Burnand Emma Pewsey Heather Reynolds David Bebb, Caroline Sandford, Tak Ho, Kingsley Warren Tim Craig (?) David Bebb, Caroline Sandford, Tak Ho, Kingsley Warren Maciek Hermanowicz Laura Hill, Sarah Holland - Tim Craig (?) -
2008/2009 David Bebb Emma Pewsey Maciej Hermanowicz Philip Sterne Carrie Oliver Stuart Fraser Robert Fryers - Daniel Strange -
2007/2008 Robert Fryers Ali Richardson Tim Craig Sarah Musselwhite, Daniel Strange Richard Gardner Sam Burnand, Ewan Shawcroft Ivan Hoo, Ali Richardson David Bebb
2006/2007 Steven Pettitt Tim Craig Andrew Davison Helen Markland - Robert Fryers Lindsay Stronge
2005/2006 Matthew Johnson Rob Bacon, Helen Markland Andrew Davison James Berry Rob Bacon Steve Pettitt Simon Heisterkamp Hang Tung Chow
2004/2005 Ian Caulfield Matthew Johnson Pamela Custance-Baker Tim Northover Ian Caulfield Pamela Custance-Baker Helen Meadows James Berry
2003/2004 Pamela Custance-Baker Dominik Schindler Jonathan Richardson Ian Caulfield Ursula Goniszewska Tim Northover, Nadezda Novakovic Sarah Naylor Sarah Morgan Tim Northover, Nadezda Novakovic
2002/2003 Chris Cowburn Pamela Custance-Baker Sarah Morgan Victor Yung Ian Caulfield Richard Benwell, Dominik Schindler Diana Wood Sarah Morgan Richard Benwell, Dominik Schindler
2001/2002 Omar Al-Mushadani Chris Cowburn Ian Caulfield Neal Morgan, James Pawley Matthew Monaghan Victor Yung Pete Burrow Pamela Custance-Baker
2000/2001 Mark Sinclair Neal Morgan Omar Al-Mushadani James Keogh Matthew Monaghan Pete Burrow
1999/2000 James Keogh Neal Morgan Phil Baines "The grads" James Miskin Elizabeth Grose
1998/1999 Elizabeth Grose James Keogh Adam Drake Elizabeth Biott Phil Baines James Miskin
1997/1998 Ian Hawke Elizabeth Grose James Keogh Andrew Somers Phil Baines Ben Hesketh
1996/1997 Andrew Somers Alistair Grimshaw Amy Walker Omar Almaini Pete Johnson Charissa Nuttall
1995/1996 Alistair Grimshaw Andrew Somers Martin Jarvis Ian Egby Ian Hawke Fiona Guest
1994/1995 Julian Oliver Lev Gelb Nikki Smith Julian Shilton Pip Brett John Franklin
1993/1994 Lev Gelb Julian Oliver Tom Deacon Neil Eccles Pip Brett Jo Farmer
1992/1993 Neil Eccles (?) Julian Shilton
1991/1992 Ian Wilshaw Ian Ashworth Julian Shilton
1990/1991 Stuart Baines Alistair Clode John Sleath

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Varsity Record

Cambridge 44 - 23 Oxford

Year Match Number Winner Results
2015/2016 67th Oxford Results
2014/2015 66th Oxford Results
2013/2014 65th Oxford Results
2012/2013 64th Oxford Results
2011/2012 63rd Oxford
2010/2011 62nd Cambridge Results
2009/2010 61st Cambridge
2008/2009 60th Cambridge Results
2007/2008 59th Cambridge Results
2006/2007 58th Cambridge
2005/2006 57th Cambridge Results
2004/2005 56th Cambridge Results
2003/2004 55th Cambridge
2002/2003 54th Cambridge
2001/2002 53rd Cambridge
2000/2001 52nd Cambridge
1999/2000 51st Cambridge
1998/1999 50th Cambridge
1997/1998 49th Cambridge
1996/1997 48th Oxford
1995/1996 47th Oxford
1994/1995 46th Cambridge
1993/1994 45th Cambridge
1992/1993 44th Cambridge
1991/1992 43rd Cambridge
1990/1991 42nd Cambridge
1989/1990 41st Cambridge
1988/1989 40th Cambridge
1987/1988 39th Cambridge
1986/1987 38th Oxford
1985/1986 37th Cambridge
1984/1985 36th Cambridge
1983/1984 35th Cambridge
1982/1983 34th Cambridge
1981/1982 33rd Oxford
1980/1981 32nd Cambridge
1979/1980 31st Cambridge
1978/1979 30th Oxford
1977/1978 29th Oxford
1976/1977 28th Oxford
1975/1976 27th Oxford
1974/1975 26th Oxford
1973/1974 25th Oxford
1972/1973 24th Oxford
1971/1972 23rd Oxford
1970/1971 22nd Oxford
1969/1970 21st Cambridge
1968/1969 20th Cambridge
1967/1968 19th Oxford
1966/1967 18th Oxford
1965/1966 17th Cambridge
1964/1965 16th Oxford
1963/1964 15th Cambridge
1962/1963 14th Cambridge
1961/1962 13th Cambridge
1960/1961 12th Cambridge
1959/1960 11th Oxford
1958/1959 10th Cambridge
1957/1958 9th Oxford
1956/1957 8th Cambridge
1955/1956 7th Cambridge
1954/1955 6th Cambridge
1953/1954 5th Cambridge
1952/1953 4th Cambridge
1951/1952 3rd Cambridge
1950/1951 2nd Cambridge
1949/1950 1st Cambridge

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Cuppers Results

Year Winning College Team
2014/2015 Clare College Rob Littlechild and Nancy Chen
2013/2014 Fitzwilliam College Tak Ho and Vamsee Bheemireddy
2012/2013 Peterhouse Jack Atkinson and Edward Tait
2011/2012 Wolfson College Chris Buckingham and Brendan McConnell
2010/2011 Churchill College Michael Mitchell and Julien Landel
2009/2010 Robinson College Tim Craig and Kingsley Warren
2008/2009 Christ's College Robert Fryers and Dan Strange
2007/2008 Christ's College
2006/2007 Jesus College
2005/2006 Sidnex Sussex College
2004/2005 Girton College
2003/2004 Girton College
2002/2003 Churchill College
2001/2002 Churchill College
2000/2001 ?
1999/2000 ?
1998/1999 ?
1997/1998 Downing College
1996/1997 Downing College
1995/1996 Clare College/St. John's College John McKinley and David Allsopp
1994/1995 Clare College
1993/1994 Pembroke College
1992/1993 Magdalene College
1991/1992 Peterhouse
1990/1991 Emmanuel College
1989/1990 Selwyn College
1988/1989 Selwyn College

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The Annual Dinner

Year Dinner Venue After Party
2015/2016 Clare College Jack's Room via The Bath House
2014/2015 Peterhouse Wetherspoons
2013/2014 Jesus College Jesus JCR
2012/2013 St. Catherine's College Revs
2011/2012 Jesus College Heather's House
2010/2011 St. John's College Karl Williams' Room
2009/2010 Robinson College Tim Craig's room
2008/2009 Christ's College Christ's Bar
2007/2008 Clare College Richard Gardner's room
2006/2007 Christ's College Rob Fryers' room
2005/2006 King's College King's bar
2004/2005 Robinson College Robinson Bar
2003/2004 Churchill College Churchill MCR
2002/2003 Emmanuel College Chris Cowburn's room
2001/2002 Emmanuel College Ian Caulfield's room
2000/2001 Selwyn College Mark Sinclair's room
1999/2000 Selwyn College Mark Sinclair's room
1998/1999 Trinity College Andrew Somers' house
1997/1998 Selwyn College James Keogh's room
1996/1997 Newnham College Charissa Nutall's room
1995/1996 Trinity College Andy Somer's room then Pete Johnson's room
1994/1995 Wolfson Andy Somers' room
1993/1994 Jesus College Amy Walker's House
1992/1993 Clare college Lev Gelb's house
1991/1992 Clare college
1990/1991 Clare college
1989/1990 Clare college

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